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Re: netbsd-8 built-in heimdal insufficient?

I thought OpenSSL v1.0.2 vs 1.1.x played into it, but not the way it
has been characterized.

Base heimdal may be linked against base OpenSSL (1.0.2k in netbsd-8),
but pkgsrc heimdal explicitly does NOT link with any OpenSSL (even 1.1.x
in pkgsrc).  So, the solution for "heimdal linked against obsolete
OpenSSL" is to install "heimdal not linked with ANY OpenSSL".

Meanwhile, other packages have their own dependency on OpenSSL and
install pkgsrc openssl (1.1.1d) when base OpenSSL (1.0.2k in netbsd-8)
is considered insufficient/obsolete.

That also probably explains why "databases/nss_ldap" now wants to install
"databases/openldap-client" (which in turn wants "security/openssl").

On this machine, the following packages want pkgsrc openssl (whereas
in pkgsrc-2019Q4 they didn't):

openldap-client (new package to satisfy nss_ldap)

Alas, I can't update this machine to netbsd-9 as siisata(4) is broken
for me and hoses my RAID.

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