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Re: rust 1.42 fails to compile on NetBSD 9.0/amd64

On 17/03/2020 17:34, Jörn Clausen wrote:
Now clang does not compile. I keep pkgsrc synced and do regular updates, but maybe I'll have to wipe all installed packages and do a complete fresh sync of the sources. If only these packages were not so insanely big... It takes days to get a result...

That's odd as I build clang as well and that also worked in my 15/3 build and the package for that has changed for weeks. I'm assuming you are using MAKE_JOBS to get parallel builds? That won't help for rust but it has a big impact on lots of others.

I can sympathise with the build times I have a fairly beefy system but my complete package set build takes 5-6hours. And I'm building for 9.0-amd64 and 8.1-amd64. I do cheat on rust and re-enable MAKE_JOBS safe for speed reasons. My build wrapper then just retries the build if it deadlocks.

I really wish I could offer my built package sets for download but I don't really have the upstream bandwidth to support that. :(


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