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Re: mail/dovecot removed

Edgar Fuß <> writes:

>> In your tree, have you been able to build mail/dovecot?
> I last built it on 8.1_STABLE from 2019Q2.

Well before the switch to openssl 1.1.  THat explains it.

>> I haven't heard any compelling reason to run dovecot 1 vs 2 other than [...]
> My reasons for sticking with 1.2 are:
> 1. It just works.
> 2. I couldn't come up with an easy scheme that allows me to realistically 
>    test a 2.x setup for a limited set of users (including the ability to 
>    revert them to 1.2 at any time) while running the 1.2 setup for the bulk 
>    of users, the problem being the format of index files has changed.
>    Normally, I would set up a new installation in parallel and ask my 
>    colleagues to use that server instead of, but in 
>    case only one of them fails to switch only one of their gadgets to use 
>    the new IMAP, we may run into serious problems like index corruption or 
>    mails lost due to synchronisation problems.
>    I could use a toy user for the tests, but that would fail to test the 
>    Real World.
>    Plus I would need to find a way to test the 2.x LDA uncluding Sieve.

I see - but that's "migration is hard", vs "2 is not ok".

If you want to put this in wip, and figure out how to make it work with
new openssl, or whatever, feel free.  wip does not have the same kind of
tradeoffs, as we aren't doing and publishing bulk builds.  I would ask
that if you don't make it build with openssl 1.1, that you use versions
in the depends so that it will fail fast for people that have 1.1.

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