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Re: wxGTK 28 vs 30?

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

>> So my question is really:
>>   Should we just change the default to 30?  How much trouble would that
>>   cause?
>> and my new question is:
>>   Are we willing to assume the wxGTK variants will be parallel
>>   installable, and if so, should each package just pick the best one,
>>   and we get rid of this, or at least ignore it for a bit?
> I grepped, and this wxGTK is only used by two packages anyway.
> graphics/extrema
> ham/trustedQSL
> I suggest switching these to wxGTK30 (if it works) or wxGTK28 (if not)
> and removing the mk fragment.

OK - I'll do that.  Agreed that this seems too complicated for no good

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