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Re: add-ons for firefox

Thanks for all the tips. Maybe some clarification: I think there are
two (unrelated) issues at work:

1. Accessing the add-on repository leads to "Invalid 'platform'
parameter". The URL when searching for the uBlock add-on is

Removing the parameter "platform=NetBSD" circumvents this problem and
leads to the correct result.

This might be fixed with a patch to www/firefox not to include the
parameter in the first place, but is essentially stupidity on the side
of Mozilla's maintainers of the add-on collection.

With the modification mentioned above, the add-on page is accessible at

2. Pressing the "Add to Firefox" button results in the usual dialogue
("Add uBlock Origin?", press "Add"), but nothing happens. The add
button is changed into an animation and shows "Installing", and
firefox eats some CPU, but even after some time, nothing actually
happens. ktrussing the process shows nothing of interest to my
untrained eye.

The same happens when downloading the add-on directly from its
development page at

as "uBlock0_1.24.3b8.firefox.signed.xpi" and installing directly
(about:addons, cogwheel -> Install Add-on From File).

I also tried a few other add-ons (exif-viewer, wxif, EFF Privacy
Bagder) that have worked before on NetBSD, none of them will install.

As far as I can tell, the suggested changes to the preferences have no
effect on either of the problems described above.

Joern Clausen

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