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Re: Unable to build mysql55-client NetBSD 8_Stable (Open SSL 1.1.1 related?) writes:

>> writes:
>>> I updated pkgsrc to current this AM (Jan 18, 2020) and saw
>>> OpenSSL had been updated... Running NetBSD 8_Stable
>>> (Mid-December 2019 sources) amd_64
>> Not only was openssl updated, but API_DEPENDS is set to 1.1, so while
>> building things from pkgsrc used to use base system openssl on NetBSD,
>> now they won't.
> For pkgsrc builds, I have
> PREFER_PKGSRC+=openssl
> in /etc/mk.conf
>> I see the point that 1.0 is no longer maintained, but I wonder if users
>> should be able to ask for system openssl use or not.  I suspect that the
>> number of issues is not that high and that fixing them is for the best.
> I assume this is directed at others as I do not have the skills to fix
> packages really...?

Indeed it was.

>> I don't know if it would suffice to enable deprecated features.
> Is this something you suggest *I* do? If so, how?

There is a general pattern in libraries where

  a feature is announced as deprecated, and everyone ignores this

  a feature is marked to be unavailable, unless you define
  WANT_DEPRECATED_FOO, and people grumble and define it

  finally the feature is removed, and people grumble much louder and
  change the code, and people deciding whether to update the package in
  packaging systems are in a bind

So I was wondering if we are in case 2 and if adding some sort of -D to
the CFLAGS would help.

>> I wonder if you have tried 56 and 57.  There appear to be continuation
>> forks of mysql as well, and my fuzzy impression is that there is gulf
>> between the open source continuation fork world and the oracle world.
> mysql55 is a dependency of another package or packages, I am not pulling this
> in explicitly. As my update has already deleted mysql55-client, I cannot
> immediately
> tell which package(s) depend on it.

There are two issues here:

  if 56 or 57 does build with new openssl, that's interesting

  it may be easier to migrate from 55 to 57 than to fix 55.  (I don't
  know if there are good reasons for anyone/anything to be using 55.)

> These actions seem possible for package maintainers, but I'm just trying to
> update locally installed packages against pkgsrc-current and failing...
> Yes I understand the risks of following current, not complaining really,
> but informing the tree seems broken at the moment. I pulled in changes
> from yesterday and mysql55-client build is still broken per above.

I'll inquire.  But I'm afraid we may be arriving at "this software is
EOL and has no functioning upstrea".

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