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Re: mail/cyrus-imapd - maintainer?

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Matthias Petermann <> writes:
>> Long story short - I would be willing to help with porting and
>> testing; have not yet had so much experience with pkgsrc. In the
>> existing cyrus imap pkgsrc makefiles, pkgsrc-users is specified as
>> maintainer. Can someone tell me who actually did the porting? Anyone
>> already working on porting Cyrus imap 3.x?
> The MAINTAINER being pkgsrc-users is code for "there isn't a specific
> person who is the maintainer".  I haven't heard anything on the list
> about cyrus imapd.

The cvs history logs should be able to point you to who did the previous
work on cyrus imapd.

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