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Re: mail/cyrus-imapd - maintainer?

Matthias Petermann <> writes:

> I just noticed that cyrus imapd in the pkgsrc is still at version
> 2.4. From version 3.0, cyrus imapd natively supports caldav / carddav,
> which can make it a full groupware capable of eventually replacing
> microsoft exchange servers on some places. I am currently using it on
> a Slackware Linux, but would also like to move it to my NetBSD server.

It is often the case that packges are not the latest version, simply
because no one has done the work.

> Long story short - I would be willing to help with porting and
> testing; have not yet had so much experience with pkgsrc. In the
> existing cyrus imap pkgsrc makefiles, pkgsrc-users is specified as
> maintainer. Can someone tell me who actually did the porting? Anyone
> already working on porting Cyrus imap 3.x?

The MAINTAINER being pkgsrc-users is code for "there isn't a specific
person who is the maintainer".  I haven't heard anything on the list
about cyrus imapd.

If you want to work on this, that's certainly welcome.  There is
documentation about pkgsrc, and I'd suggest you at least skim all of it,
and then look up things as you need to.  If you've read the parts of the
guide that seem relevant, and still have questions, then feel free to
post them here.

and less structured, but useful:

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