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Missing (major) packages: mariadb-server/client, squid, squidclamav, ...

Hi all,

Is it me or is the latest pkgsrc-build really broken, at least the Joyent-build?
I'm missing some (minor, but also some major) packages:

mariadb-server (v5 and v10)
mariadb-client (v5 and v10)

Odd to me is that searching on for "mariadb" does show "mariadb55-server/-client" on CURRENT as well as (at least) pkgrsc-2019Q3 and -Q2, but "mariadb10" is nowhere listed, while on they both are. On however, they are nowhere to be seen.

Now I can wrap something up to forcibly use 2019Q3 for now, but that seems only a useful and temporary workaround as long as the "trunk"-list is going to be properly fixed.

I also read somewhere that upgrading to openssl-1.1 is a cause of some major derailment within the pkgsrc-realm; is that what's going on with the above?

Any clarification would be awesome.
Also: keep up the good work!

Thanks and cheers,

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