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Proposal: removing urio(4), Rio 500 MP3 player (1999), and Rio-related packages

Hi folks,

urio(4) is a driver for Rio 500, an MP3 player released in 1999.
It recently received some discussion due to problems detected
during maxv's USB-fuzzing.

Since I expect there are very few functional devices left, I
am proposing to delete this driver from NetBSD.

I'd also like to propose removing some of the Rio-related
pkgsrc packages:
        last intentional commit seems to be in the year 2000
        for an even older model, last commit that seemed to have
        used the package is in 2000
        updated in 2007, a blind update saying "I don't
        own such devices any more".

Please respond if you use this device or see a purpose in
keeping the driver or packages. otherwise I will remove
these packages and the driver in a month.

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