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Re: conflicting dependencies in sysutils/flashrom

On 23/12/2019 13:52, Greg Troxel wrote:

So obviously not for changing in freeze, but I really wonder what the
grand plan is for LIBUSB_TYPE is, in terms of defaults.  It seems
obvious to me (said realizing it isn't) that given that much software
probably needs libusb1, that the only reasonable approach is to have
libusb1 installed and then the compat lib for things that need 0.  Using
native 0 means that anything that ends up with both is probably trouble.
> So I will float the notion that LIBUSB_TYPE should default to compat
(meaning if the user has not set it).

Assuming the packages work that seems like the way to go. One other useful thing would be to make the problem easier to diagnose. Some sort of warning in the libusb1 package makefile that emits some sort of warning if LIBUSB_TYPE is not set to compat so at least a user has a breadcrumb trail to follow to get rid of the conflict?


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