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Re: conflicting dependencies in sysutils/flashrom

Mike Pumford <> writes:

> On 23/12/2019 00:09, Mike Pumford wrote:
>> Okay that helps. Based on the dependency chain it looks like
>> flashrom and libftdi1 are using the new library with the compat
>> layer.
>> Okay that might have helped. I also build apcupsd which just includes:
>> mk/
>> That package would have been built BEFORE flashrom so if LIBUSB_TYPE
>> defaults to 'native' that would have installed the OLDER
>> libusb. Looks like I need to set LIBUSB_TYPE=compat before building
>> apcupsd if I want flashrom support as well.
> That was the fix. Setting LIBUSB_TYPE=compat removed the conflict and
> apcupsd still built just fine.

So obviously not for changing in freeze, but I really wonder what the
grand plan is for LIBUSB_TYPE is, in terms of defaults.  It seems
obvious to me (said realizing it isn't) that given that much software
probably needs libusb1, that the only reasonable approach is to have
libusb1 installed and then the compat lib for things that need 0.  Using
native 0 means that anything that ends up with both is probably trouble.

So I will float the notion that LIBUSB_TYPE should default to compat
(meaning if the user has not set it).

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