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Re: Unable to build pango in NetBSD7_Stable (needed for samba4) writes:

>> Per reply to >>
>>> This appears to be a redundant library issue with
>>> and
>> (I have not read your logs.)
>> First, I presume you are using pkgsrc current or 2019Q3.  However, your
>> report sounds like something I fixed in September.  If you are using old
>> pkgsrc, please update and try again.
> I do track current...

What is in pkgsrc-current today is very close to what 2019Q4 will be.
We are chasing some issues, but things are largely stale.

> Is there some easy way to rebuild everything? I rebuilt/updated
> libfontconfig and libfreetype, which rebuilt everything depending on them
> and still same issue... I typically use "pkg_chk -u -q" to check what
> needs updating and pkg_chk -u -s to actually perform the updates and at
> present I am fully up to date with current according to this process,
> but pango won't build...

That might work, but generally in terms of knowing that you are up to
date, there are sevearl approaches:

  use pbulk in a chroot.

  in a chroot, or otherwise, remove all packages and build them all from

  use pkg_rolling-replace.  You can "pkg_admin set rebuild=YES \*" to
  force everything to be rebuilt.   This sometimes doesn't work because
  packages change by moving files between packages, etc.

>> See fonts/fontconfig/, revision 1.37.
> Apologies, but not quite sure what I should be looking for here...

In that file, I made a change so that base system fontconfig won't be
used.  If you have 1.37 or later of that file, you have my change.

It is quite possible that there are various other issues in netbsd-7.
While netbsd-7 is technically considered supported in pkgsrc, a number
of things have trouble, mostly due to upstreams moving beyond netbsd-7's
compiler and other bits.   My impression is that most people that
contribute to pkgsrc have moved to 8 or 9 (or track current), so I
suspect these issues are not likely to be addressed.

Overall I would suggest that you consider updating to 8.

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