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Re: Unable to build pango in NetBSD7_Stable (needed for samba4)

> Per reply to >>
>> This appears to be a redundant library issue with
>> and
> (I have not read your logs.)
> First, I presume you are using pkgsrc current or 2019Q3.  However, your
> report sounds like something I fixed in September.  If you are using old
> pkgsrc, please update and try again.

I do track current...

Is there some easy way to rebuild everything? I rebuilt/updated
libfontconfig and libfreetype, which rebuilt everything depending on them
and still same issue... I typically use "pkg_chk -u -q" to check what
needs updating and pkg_chk -u -s to actually perform the updates and at
present I am fully up to date with current according to this process,
but pango won't build...
> See fonts/fontconfig/, revision 1.37.
Apologies, but not quite sure what I should be looking for here...

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