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Re: Unable to build pango in NetBSD7_Stable (needed for samba4) writes:

> This appears to be a redundant library issue with
> and

(I have not read your logs.)

First, I presume you are using pkgsrc current or 2019Q3.  However, your
report sounds like something I fixed in September.  If you are using old
pkgsrc, please update and try again.

Generally, this means that somehow the build of one package used pkgsrc
fontconfig and other packages used native fontconfig.

I addressed a similar situation earlier by setting the default version
for the buildlink3 file for something to be high enough that pkgsrc
would always be used, whenever the native version was not high enough
for all users.  Basically we need to have a global choice of native vs
pkgsrc and then to fail if it's not ok.  Dynamically choosing is

See fonts/fontconfig/, revision 1.37.

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