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Ikiwiki success story

A few weeks ago I was having trouble getting a usable www/ikiwiki to build from pkgsrc...with emphasis on the term "usable," because the package would build and install okay but then, when executed, would collapse, complaining of missing perl modules in @INC. (Or is it @inc?)

SO...last night did a cvs up of pkgsrc, then a pkg_rolling-replace, then a pkg-delete of ikiwiki, then at last a make install of ikiwiki.

I think the pkg_rolling-replace pulled in a LOT Of new perl modules of the 5.30 vintage, and if so, that would have been a key part of this victory. Ikiwiki's author is Joey Hess, not so long ago imho the reigning perl wizard at Debian, who departed them during the systemd wars.

Here is what all this happened on:
NetBSD nebby.localdomain 9.0_BETA NetBSD 9.0_BETA (GENERIC) #0: Sun Aug 18 14:36:49 UTC 2019 amd64

Thank you


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