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Update schedule for binary packages?

Hi, all!

While looking at

I found myself wondering what the update schedule is for binary
packages, and I couldn't find anything that stated what it is.  I would
like to suggest that a statement be added to the readme file of each
architecture directory of packages stating what the update schedule is
for each directory.

For example, for amd64 

it would be great if it said something like

  Update Schedule:

    <os-version>_20xxQy: Updated once a day
    <os-version>_wip:    Updated once a day

And similarly for the readme file of the other architectures on NetBSD
and the other OSes.

In general, I'm trying to decide if a given binary package repository
will meet my needs, so I'm looking for some assurance that the binary
packages are not just built once and then left never to be updated
again.  I'm wishing to know that, e.g., if a fix is committed to the
stable branch, a new binary package will be built and will show up
shortly thereafter.



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