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Re: Update schedule for binary packages?

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> I found myself wondering what the update schedule is for binary
> packages, and I couldn't find anything that stated what it is.  I would
> like to suggest that a statement be added to the readme file of each
> architecture directory of packages stating what the update schedule is
> for each directory.

More or less, for things on

  current branch, supported OS version:
    i386/amd64, reasonably frequent
    anything else, ?

  pkgsrc-currennt, ?

  older branches or older OS version: not updated

There is no schedule, really.  There are just processes that lead to
i386/amd64 getting updated, and the bulk build reports are on the
pkgsrc-bulk list.

Has the rule of thumb " being more than a few weeks old is
a clue that this repo is not being updated" steered you wrong?  (A
serious question; it seems to me like that would work well.)

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