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Re: samba-4.6.8nb5

On 04/13, Mike Pumford wrote:
> Actually there is a more fundamental problem. Out of the box things
> like smbclient will only run as root as /usr/pkg/lib/samba/private is
> only accessible by root and the utilities reference libraries in that
> directory.
> I have been manually running chmod on that directory after install to
> make it executable for all users. Can't remember if I did it since the
> last package update which is why I'm not sure if its still an issue.
> Just had a quick look through the package definition files and I can't
> see how those directory permissions get into the package.

I haven't looked, but another possibility is that the permissions are
coming from the dist file archive itself, and some part of the extracted
archive is just moved into place thus preserving the bad permissions.
Something like this happened to me once with www/serf when it was built
as root.  See [1] for a long thread on that, but the accepted fix was to
just add a post-extract chmod to fix the permissions.




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