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Re: wip/mackerel-agent wip/mackerel-agent-plugins wip/ioping

Am 27.01.2018 um 15:35 schrieb Miwa Susumu:

These wip has 'plglint -e' looks fine.
Please point out if there is any problem.


There is lang/go/ which takes care of all the infrastructure needed for installing a Go package. You should make use of that file instead of implementing all this stuff yourself.

In DESCR, line 2 should be about 72 characters long. The currently forced line break seems arbitrary.

The COMMENT variable shouldn't repeat the package name.

Thanks for specifying the LICENSE. Most other packages are still missing that. :)

The PLIST contains an example configuration. Should that be copied to the configuration location (PKG_SYSCONFDIR)? If so, run "make help topic=etc".


I wonder why pkglint doesn't complain about ARCH here. There is already the MACHINE_ARCH variable which you can use.

The DESCR file is the same as in mackerel-agent. They should be a little bit different, for example mentioning some of the available plugins would be nice.

Are these plugins indented to be called directly? If not, they belong in libexec/mackerel-agent-plugins/ instead of bin/.


In DESCR, the opening parenthesis is missing in the "migrated from" line.

Other than that:
Looks fine.


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