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Re: Running bootstrap as standard user but without --unprivileged” flag?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> On 1 December 2017 at 15:45, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
>> Ottavio Caruso <> writes:
>>> I did a bootstrap using sudo. I couldn't do it owning pkgsrc as I had
>>> to write on /usr. I ended up with ~/home/pkgsrc owned by root. I then
>> This does not make sense to me.   Please explain much more precisely
>> what you are doing.
> [...]
>> So you say "couldn't do it owning pkgsrc" and I do not follow that.  Why
>> "couldn't"?  What command did you run, and which error did you get?
> What I did was: I run ./bootstrap as non root and got the massage:
> "You must be either root to install bootstrap-pkgsrc or use the
> --unprivileged option."

Sure, but that has nothing to do with pkgsrc being owned by you instead
of root.  It's all about whether the user you run it as can write to the

>>You do need to either
>>   do bootstrap as root so it can write to $prefix (e.g. if /usr/pkg), or
>>   do bootstrap --unprivileged, and give it a prefix that you can write to
> Roger that!

Hopefully you are all set now.

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