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Re: Running bootstrap as standard user but without --unprivileged” flag?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

> I did a bootstrap using sudo. I couldn't do it owning pkgsrc as I had
> to write on /usr. I ended up with ~/home/pkgsrc owned by root. I then

This does not make sense to me.   Please explain much more precisely
what you are doing.

What I do is:

  get pkgsrc bits someplace.   Often in /n0/gdt/NetBSD-current/pkgsrc,
  but whereever.  I own them.

  cd /path/to/pkgsrc/bootstrap

  sudo ./bootstrap

So you say "couldn't do it owning pkgsrc" and I do not follow that.  Why
"couldn't"?  What command did you run, and which error did you get?

> chowned ~/home/pkgsrc to myself. I ended up with an error while
> building lynx (see my other thread). I wonder if the two things are
> related. I might as well run all command as sudo, but then I'd
> probably better off moving pkgsrc onto /usr.

It should not matter where pksrc is.  It works just fine to have pkgsrc
in your homedir and to have configured it with --prefix=/usr/pkg (which
is default so you don't need to type that).

You do need to either

  do bootstrap as root so it can write to $prefix (e.g. if /usr/pkg), or

  do bootstrap --unprivileged, and give it a prefix that you can write to

Also, there is an issue, maybe only on mac, where if $CWD is not the
same as pwd -P, some things with glib get confused.  So "cd `/bin/pwd
-P`" before building packages if you have trouble.

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