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Re: firefox52, default package options for NetBSD alsa?

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 01:41:12AM +0200, trebol wrote:
> Ok, but if I remember correctly, oss can mix audio from different applications. Well, it has been a long journey in openbsd and linux, but I remember using a midi keyboard in netbsd with fluidsynth while using other applications without problem. Maybe I'm remembering wrong.
> It's just my opinion, but seeing alsa in a package's default build option for netbsd made me feel sick. Suddenly I felt chased by systemd and other wanders...

what we call 'oss' here isn't really OSS, but a shim that presents
the same API but implements them differently. it doesn't mix
audio by itself.

netbsd-8 mixes audio in a kernel thread rather than a userland one, so
anything that inputs audio to it will be mixed regardless of the API

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