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Re: i386-8.0_BETA gets stuck building "qt3-tools"

In the latest attempt using i386-current (8.99.1), the host using "native"
Xorg succeeds while the host using modular/pkgsrc Xorg gets stuck in
exactly the same place as previously noted.

Both are running semi-diskless (swap, "/tmp", and auxiliary filesystems
on local disk).

Variations left to try:

  local-disk 8.0_BETA/8.99.1 w/modular Xorg

  semi-diskless 7.1_STABLE w/modular Xorg  (easiest to arrange)

  local-disk 7.1_STABLE w/modular Xorg

  amd64 or other non-i386 architectures w/modular Xorg.

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