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i386-8.0_BETA gets stuck building "qt3-tools"

I have an i386-8.0_BETA system using modular/pkgsrc Xorg that gets stuck
when building "qt3-tools".  It runs as far as:

gmake[3]: Entering directory '/d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/qt3-tools/work/qt-x11-free-3.3.8/tools/designer/designer'
/d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/qt3-tools/work/qt-x11-free-3.3.8/bin/uic -L /d0/build/pkgsrc/x11/qt3-tools/work/qt-x11-free-3.3.8/plugins listboxeditor.ui -o listboxeditor.h

After multiple attempts, it always sticks here.  The output of 'top -nt'
shows the 'uic' tool sitting in "fdclose" state forever.

Requesting status (Ctrl-T) produces:

load: 0.41  cmd: make 29444 [wait] 0.74u 0.30s 0% 4796k
make: Working in: /x/pkgsrc/x11/qt3-tools
make[1]: Working in: /x/pkgsrc/x11/qt3-tools

The host runs semi-diskless.  Prinicipal file systems are on NFS.  Swap,
"/tmp", and auxiliary file systems are on local disks.  As such, PKGSRCDIR
and PACKAGES are on NFS while WRKOBJDIR and TMPDIR on are on local disk.

The host is a 2.8GHz pentium-4 w/2GB RAM and 2GB swap (plus 2GB swap file
on NFS at priority=1).

It gets stuck building "qt4-libs" in a similar fashion.

This same host built the rest of my usual complement of software (i.e.
everything that didn't depend on any "qt" stuff) without problem.

It had successfully built qt3 and qt4 packages in this semi-diskless
arrangement in the past (7.1 and various 7.99.*).

I'll see if it's a memory issue by trying on another i386 host with
more RAM (but likewise semi-diskless).

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