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Re: Unable to build math/blas

On 07/06/17 15:24, Dr. Thomas Orgis wrote:
>>    From reading about the differences between g95 and gfortran, it looks
>> like gfortran is even less likely to support >=fortran95, but I'll try
>> setting PKGSRC_FORTRAN=gfortran and see if there's a difference.
> Where are you reading?! Gfortran is what you build modern Fortran with
> if you don't use a proprietary vendor compiler (not sure how
> Open64 fares these days). It does F95 and also most of F2003, F2008.
> Last I checked, g95 is not actively developed anymore.

   Oh.  :)

   I just googled "g95 gfortran differences" and first result I read was
a google groups archive where someone asked exactly what I was
wondering.  The answer specifically mentioned that gfortran was much
better at optimization, but not post-f77 features.

   Though the post was pretty old, so I probably should have looked up
something more recent.  Because I so rarely encounter Fortran, I have
gotten the wrong impression that it's pretty stagnant.  I'm realizing
now that's not at all the case.

> Flang may be interesting for clang users, but the default for a
> GCC-based system surely should be gfortran nowadays.

   Hmm..  This has been brought up several times before:

   pkgsrc apparently defaults to g95 for reasons of portability.  Is
this still true?  (If g95 isn't actively maintained, maybe people put
efforts into increasing portability of gfortran?).

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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