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Re: Unable to build math/blas

On 07/06/17 13:00, wrote:
>> ===> Building for blas-3.7.0
>> ( cd BLAS/SRC; /usr/bin/make )
>> /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/math/blas/default/.cwrapper/bin/libtool
>> --mode=compile --tag=FC g95 -O -c xerbla.f
>> libtool-fortran: compile:  g95 -O -c xerbla.f  -o .libs/xerbla.o
>> xerbla.f:
>>    xerbla:
>> Error on line 76 of xerbla.f: Declaration error for len_trim: unknown
>> intrinsic function

> From searching, len_trim is a fortran >95 function. g95 does support it.
> It's hard to believe things would work so far if f2c (fortran 77 -> C
> compiler) is being called, but it seems like the only reason it could
> fail just for you.

   You're right, it probably wouldn't have gotten that far with f2c --
it was calling g95.

> netbsd's gcc has no fortran support either, pkgsrc's g95 or gfortran
> is used.

   From reading about the differences between g95 and gfortran, it looks
like gfortran is even less likely to support >=fortran95, but I'll try
setting PKGSRC_FORTRAN=gfortran and see if there's a difference.

   Odd, I'm pretty sure I built boost successfully not long ago.  I need
to find out what the circumstances where (I'm doing some major
replumbing on the build system).

> nvidia published a llvm fortran compiler ~2 months ago:
> but it's very early.

   .. and it's already in pkgsrc-wip.  :)

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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