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pkgsrc-2017Q1 packages for illumos now available

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that the pkgsrc-2017Q1 binary package sets for
illumos are now available, with over 16,000 packages available.

As always you can install them using the instructions here:

SmartOS users should use the new 17.1.0 images via imgadm(1M) due to
be released shortly.

For the 2017Q1 release we welcome the following notable package
additions to the pkgsrc collection for illumos:

 - Go 1.8
 - Gradle 3.4
 - Nextcloud 11
 - NodeJS 6.10.0 and 7.7.3
 - Python 3.6.0
 - Rust 1.16
 - Many additional Python, Perl and Ruby modules
 - Many additional TeX packages

In addition, due to relaxed licensing rules upstream, we are now
permitted to distribute additional packages authored by Daniel J.
Bernstein, as well as providing binary packages built with useful
patches and options enabled by default.

In total, 192 packages were added, 25 packages were removed, and 1,458
package updates were processed since the pkgsrc-2016Q4 release.

Please report any bugs or feature requests specifically related to
this binary package set on our GitHub issues page:


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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