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wip/xombrero status: appears to be discontinued upstream

I find on Wikipedia ( that Xombrero web browser has been discontinued:

In early 2017, it appeared the project was likely to be discontinued, as xombrero depended on an old version of WebKit which had multiple security vulnerabilities, and a port to a modern version of WebKit would be difficult.[16][2] Due to
 these issues,[3] OpenBSD removed xombrero from its ports tree on 1 February 2017.[17]

I could not reach Xombrero's website

I checked on Github and indeed found that work on Xombrero had ceased:

xombrero has been retired and is no longer under development and supported.

Xombrero in pkgsrc/wip is at version 1.6.3, while upstream is 1.6.4.

But now, with security vulnerabilities and discontinuation upstream, it would seem there is no point in further work with xombrero.


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