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proposed package removal: mail/dovecot (1.2.17)

My impression is that pretty much everyone using dovecot runs
mail/dovecot2 which is now at 2.2.28, and that this has been true for a
very long time.

mail/dovecot is at 1.2.17, and was updated to that version on
2011-05-13.  About a month later the sieve version was updated.  The
only real change since then was a CVE remediation patch on 2015-01-23.
Plus revbumps, SMF fixes, and other minor maintenance that does indicate
that upstream is paying attention or that there are real users.

Is anyone using it?  Could you explain why?  Would anybody object to
removing the package?  Please feel free to object/explain in private
mail if it's too embarassing (but this is a clue) and if any I'll report
the count of anonymous objectors and their reasons here.

Please note that I am not proposing to rename mail/dovecot2.  My view is
usually that once a package needs to have two versions, that's likely a
condition for life, and renaming PKGNAME hurts more than it helps.  I am
merely trying to avoid someone doing "cd /usr/pkgsrc/mail/dovecot &&
make replace" by accident.

If there are no objections, I'll remove mail/dovecot, no earlier than a
week from now: 2017-04-06 0100Z.

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