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HEADS-UP: PHP module configuration change - enabled on installation


just committed a change to lang/php so that PHP modules are automatically enabled when they are installed. It is no longer necessary to edit ${PKG_SYSCONFDIF}/php.ini to add the module. MESSAGE was also updated appropriately.

A module-specific .ini file is created in ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/php.d for this purpose, such as pgsql.ini. If such file already exists, it's not overwritten. The stock example module .ini is also available in ${PREFIX}/share/examples/php/

It would be necessary to remove the 'extension' and 'zend_extension' from your php.ini when upgrading to the new system. Also if you'd have some module-specific config in php.d already, I'd suggest to move it to different file to not clash with the pkgsrc-provided file.

The new system was tested with PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6.

Enjoy and let me know if there are some problems.


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