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Re: Problem with print/cups (2.0.2, not 1.5nb12) (fwd)

Correction below ...

Additionally, the hplip web site at

indicates that Foomatic-3.0.2 is a prerequisite. We don't seem to have a foomatic package, but we do have several related packages:

	foomatic-filters    foomatic-filters-cups
	foomatic-ppds       foomatic-ppds-cups

None of these are listed in print/hplip's Makefile as a dependency, but perhaps I need one or more of them? I doubt it, since I already have the required HP PPD files, and hplip has already provided its own copy of the foomatic-rip-hplip filter; and a non-hplip version of the filter also exists...

On Thu, 18 Jun 2015, Greg Troxel wrote:

Have you disabled ulpt in the kernel, and are you using libusb (default
I think).   By default, NetBSD has a driver for printers that's write
only and good for basic printers, but I think hplip really needs to talk
bidirectionally and more complicated.

I have removed ulpt from the kernel, but in this case it shouldn't matter much. The printer is not directly attached to the computer, it is reached via (WiFi) network. I'm oretty sure that bi-directional communications is working fine, since Cups (or something) is able to figure out and display the printer type. :)

Are you able to print ok with cups15, and it's just cups-2 that doesn't

Cups-1.5 used to work just fine. I wanted (want desparately) to update so I can get rid of the many annoying /etc/security nags about all the security vulnerabilities! :)

turn up debugging in the cups config file and look at /var/log/cups/*.

/var/log/cups/access_log doesn't have much in it, and page_log is totally empty. The error log generates the following text _after_ I manually Cancel Printing a hung job:

E [19/Jun/2015:09:55:03 +0800] [Job 32] The printer is not responding.


This was not generated from the printer, but rather was a result of the printer being off-line after a power failure! :) Re-running the test generates the same two-line output described above, but results in NO ERROR being logged.

How do I change the debug level?

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