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Re: Problem with print/cups (2.0.2, not 1.5nb12)

On Wed, 10 Jun 2015, Richard PALO wrote:

Le 10/06/15 01:38, Paul Goyette a écrit :
Although you're trying with x86_64, using SunOS i386 I've been able to
run cups instead of cups15 just fine for quite awhile now...
I have cups in my default options and only remove it explicitly from
ghostscript with 'PKG_OPTIONS.ghostscript= -cups'

Yes, I am running on NetBSD/amd64-7.99.18 (current as of 2015-06-03 at
01:53:17 UTC).  As near as I can tell, something has actually gone wrong
in the actual installation of the package.  (I'm building from pkgsrc,
not installing a pre-built binary package.)

I'm building as well but checking my logs I don't have the install issue you noticed for cups...
perhaps try building/installing with PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 and eventually V=1

Additional rebuild/reinstall will have to wait some time, as I only have a single machine, which is running some other production stuff.

If anyone wants to look at the actually install log (sorry, it does not have PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=1 - I was not previously aware of that option), I have the entire build log saved. Let me know where you want me to send it. (It's about 300kb, so probably not suitable for sending to the entire list!)

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