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Problem with print/cups (2.0.2, not 1.5nb12)

I was interested in updating my cups package from the old cups15 to the more recent cups-2.0.2 package, mostly because of the numerous security issues that /etc/security keeps nagging about!

I removed my old installation of cups15, along with the 20+ other packages in the dependency list. (I had built gtk2+ with the cups option, so there were lots of dependencies, including firefox!) I specifically stopped cupsd, and I also manually removed the several directories that pkg_delete said were no longer needed.

After the installation, I started cupsd and tried to access via a browser. I was able to load the main page (which seem to be simply HTML), but none of the subisdiary pages (such as admin or help) would load. A quick check in the build log shows that these are (or should be) .cgi files.

Further checking in the build log shows that these items were not successfully installed. For each one, it appears that the following error messages were logged during the installation phase:

libtool: install: /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/cups-2.0.2/install-sh -c -m 755 -s .libs/cancel /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/cancel
libtool: install: warning: `../cups/' has not been installed in `/usr/pkg/lib

So, it would appear that the package did not successfully get installed.

Is anyone successfully using this package? Does anyone have a clue on what I might have done to break things?

For now, I have deleted those 20+ packages again, reinstalled cups15, and am in the process of once again rebuilding the dependent packages.

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