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Re: Problem with print/cups (2.0.2, not 1.5nb12)

Le 09/06/15 12:44, Paul Goyette a écrit :
> I was interested in updating my cups package from the old cups15 to the 
> more recent cups-2.0.2 package, mostly because of the numerous security 
> issues that /etc/security keeps nagging about!
> I removed my old installation of cups15, along with the 20+ other 
> packages in the dependency list.  (I had built gtk2+ with the cups 
> option, so there were lots of dependencies, including firefox!) I 
> specifically stopped cupsd, and I also manually removed the several 
> directories that pkg_delete said were no longer needed.
> After the installation, I started cupsd and tried to access via a 
> browser.  I was able to load the main page (which seem to be simply 
> HTML), but none of the subisdiary pages (such as admin or help) would 
> load.  A quick check in the build log shows that these are (or should 
> be) .cgi files.
> Further checking in the build log shows that these items were not 
> successfully installed.  For each one, it appears that the following 
> error messages were logged during the installation phase:
> libtool: install: /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/cups-2.0.2/install-sh -c -m 755 -s .libs/cancel /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/.destdir/usr/pkg/bin/cancel
> libtool: install: warning: `../cups/' has not been installed in `/usr/pkg/lib
> So, it would appear that the package did not successfully get installed.
> Is anyone successfully using this package?  Does anyone have a clue on 
> what I might have done to break things?
> For now, I have deleted those 20+ packages again, reinstalled cups15, 
> and am in the process of once again rebuilding the dependent packages.
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Hi Paul,

Although you're trying with x86_64, using SunOS i386 I've been able to run cups
instead of cups15 just fine for quite awhile now... 
I have cups in my default options and only remove it explicitly from ghostscript
with 'PKG_OPTIONS.ghostscript= -cups'

here are package files used that I have in my tree using cups instead of cups15 so far:
> lang/openjdk7/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> lang/openjdk8/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> misc/libreoffice4/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> net/samba4/  include "../../print/cups/"
> print/cups-filters/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> print/ghostscript-gpl/ "../../print/cups/"
> print/ghostscript-gpl/ "../../print/cups/"
> print/libgnomecups/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> print/libgnomecups/ "../../print/cups/"
> print/libgnomeprint/Makefile:.include "../../print/libgnomecups/"
> print/libgnomeprint/  include "../../print/libgnomecups/"
> print/py-cups/Makefile:.include "../../print/cups/"
> print/py-cups/ "../../print/cups/"
> x11/gtk2/ "../../print/cups/"
> x11/gtk3/ "../../print/cups/"
> x11/qt4-libs/  include "../../print/cups/"

> richard@omnis:/home/richard/src/pkgsrc/print/cups-filters$ pkg_info |grep cups
> libgnomecups-0.2.3nb15 GNOME interface to CUPS
> cups-2.0.2          Common UNIX Printing System
> py27-cups-1.9.72    Python bindings for the CUPS API
> cups-filters-1.0.68nb1 Backends, filters, and other software for cups

it is entirely possible as well that, for example, trunk's cups-filters might need some TLC

Richard PALO

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