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Re: Problem with print/cups (2.0.2, not 1.5nb12)

Hello Paul and the entire pkgsrc community,

Paul Goyette writes:
> [...] 
> Further checking in the build log shows that these items were not 
> successfully installed.  For each one, it appears that the following 
> error messages were logged during the installation phase:
> libtool: install: /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/cups-2.0.2/install-sh -c -m 755 -s .libs/cancel /tmp/pkgs/print/cups/work.x86_64/.
> destdir/usr/pkg/bin/cancel
> libtool: install: warning: `../cups/' has not been installed in `/usr/pkg/lib
> So, it would appear that the package did not successfully get installed.
> Is anyone successfully using this package?  Does anyone have a clue on 
> what I might have done to break things?
Yes, I am using it with a Samsung ML-2251N (via ethernet) without any
problem. I have also tested it with various HP PS printers (always via

I have collected various patches and notes... It is time to share
them (patches are mostly trivial) in this email.

 o cups-patches: according CHANGES-1.6.txt:
   «- CUPS no longer supports automatic remote printers or implicit classes
      via the CUPS, LDAP, or SLP protocols (STR #3922, STR #3923)»
   This patch update accordingly. [pkg/49960 addressed that]
 o foomatic4-db-patches: Update foomatic4-db to the latest stable
   version. Regarding that I think it's better to open PR. I will do
   that this afternoon or in the next few days (only part that I should
   do is to inspect the ChangeLog for the rest is ready).
   [pkg/49962 addressed that]

Compared to print/cups15 you will see that there are few ppds (more are
available via print/foomatic4-db). In order to use them you need to
generate via foomatic-ppdfile, e.g.:

 $ foomatic-ppdfile -P 'Samsung ML-225'
 Samsung ML-2250 Id='Samsung-ML-2250' Driver='pxlmono' CompatibleDrivers='Postscript gdi gutenprint ljet4 ljet4d pxlmono splix'
 Samsung ML-2251 Id='Samsung-ML-2251' Driver='No Default Driver'

To generate the corresponding "gdi" PPD:

 $ foomatic-ppdfile -p 'Samsung-ML-2250' -d gdi > /tmp/samsung-ml-2250-gdi.ppd

...then you can import it when configuring the printer in CUPS (and it
will be copied to ${PKG_SYSCONFBASEDIR}/cups/ppd/).

PS: I originally wrote this email on 09 Jun 2015 but the email was longer
than 40KB and so automatically blocked... I am now resending it without
attachaments that are no more needed, all the patches discussed here are
on pkgsrc now. Another important patch that I forgot to discuss in this
email was the one attached pkg/49961 that fixes foomatic-rip from


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