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Re: Retirement of Ruby 1.8.7

On Sat, Feb 28, 2015 at 10:44:07AM +0100, Piotr Meyer wrote:
 > > (Also, I don't think the kde3 amarok should be removed unless we've
 > > decided it's time to start removing kde3. Maybe it's time for that; I
 > > don't know what the general feeling is, I only remember that when kde4
 > > came out there was a lot of "over my dead body" sentiment among kde
 > > users.)
 > As side note: if someone is interested in KDE3 (currently unmaintained
 > by KDE team) - there is a living fork: [1]
 > The same case is for GNOME2 (currently abandoned by authors in favour 
 > of GNOME3) and MATE (fork - alive, kicking and already in wip/ as I can
 > see) [2, 3].
 > 1 -
 > 2 -
 > 3 -

Right, I know about those (and I think "we" collectively do) but
nobody ever came to any conclusion about whether to update the kde3
packages from trinity or import those separately or what. Same for

I remember at one point I was going to look into trinity packages, but
that was a lot of IRL timesinks ago, so I'm not going to get to it
anytime in the foreseeable future. (don't use either kde or gnome myself)
So if Someone(TM) would like to take charge of figuring this out that
would be great.

David A. Holland

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