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Re: More options for nginx

27. 10. 2014 v 15:09, Greg Troxel <>:
> Jean-Yves Moulin <> writes:
>>> My quick reaction is that gthe nginx package has a crazy amount of
>>> options.
>> Yes, but the nginx build implies this. Almost everything is a module.
>> I don't know how to do that differently :-)
> Is there a way to have each module be a package (in pkgsrc) that depends
> on the main nginx package?

No, sadly a fat binary is the only way to build Nginx. I guess it goes back to the Russian devs’ fastest-code-ever obsession.

The way the Linux world is trying to cope (nginx-small, nginx-with-feature-X, nginx-full-bang, nginx-should-I-continue) is ridiculous though.


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