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Re: More options for nginx

Hi Greg,

> When asking for review, please send patches (not gzipped), rather than
> the whole file.

Ok, did not know; Makes sense. Sorry about this. 

> My quick reaction is that gthe nginx package has a crazy amount of
> options.

Yes, but the nginx build implies this. Almost everything is a module.
I don't know how to do that differently :-)

> All of these options seem to be adding in extra code that is not part of
> the nginx release.

Not the GeoIP options, which is a nginx official module.

> I wonder if nginx is going to accept these patches/modules, or if they
> will remain separate, and what you think about that.

As provides syslog as a paid module, I don't think that syslog 
will be added in the community release.

I don't know for the webdav extensions. I will ask to the author.


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