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Re: x11/libdrm fails to build

Oz Nahum Tiram <> writes:

> Sorry, I forgot to mention, I am using NetBSD 6.1.4.
> After a bit of trial and error, I managed to compile the package in
> question.
> I am working on reading the complete pkgsrc manual, but a manual is just a
> manual it does not cover all possibilities....

Sure, but it will help you figure out some of the non-covered things.

> After building the package, it seems I can't start X anymore.
> I search for a solution for a while.
> My Graphics card is the Intel 3000 (my cpu is i3). And  have seen
> talks about this graphics card not being supported by NetBSD version 6.X
> I would be happy if you prove me wrong!

So rebuilding libdrm from pkgsrc should not affect at all the ability to
run the X server from the base system.   But you may want to try the
server from modular xorg in pkgsrc, as I suspect that's newer than the
netbsd-6 in-tree version.

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