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Re: x11/libdrm fails to build

Hi Everyone,

I am a beginner with pkgsrc and I bumped into the error described here:

ld: warning:, needed by /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/x11/libdrm/default/.buildlink/lib/, may conflict with test_decode.o: In function `main': test_decode.c:(.text+0x191): undefined reference to `drm_intel_decode_context_alloc'

I saw Akio's solution:

I don't know the situation why libdrm from pkgsrc is required for you,
But you should put libdrm to PREFER_PKGSRC, or set PREFER_PKGSRC.libdrm=yes
and rebuild x11-links.

But since I am a beginner I don't know where too put those statements. I tried
to put those in and inside pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-tools.

Then I issued bmake clean reinstall inside x11-tools, and tried to do the same
inside libdrm.
I have still failed to build with the same error above. Can someone give me
a hint how to build libdrm (I am using NetBSD 64bit),

Obversely I am not the only one with this issue:



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