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Re: x11/libdrm fails to build

Oz Tiram <> writes:

Make sure to explain what OS and version you are using.

> I am a beginner with pkgsrc and I bumped into the error described here:
>     ld: warning:, needed by
>     /pkg_comp/obj/pkgsrc/x11/libdrm/default/.buildlink/lib/, may
>     conflict with
>     test_decode.o: In function `main':
>     test_decode.c:(.text+0x191): undefined reference to
>     `drm_intel_decode_context_alloc'

The real issue is that you are mixing packages that depend on on libdrm
version with packages that depend on another version.    It would be
good to look in /usr/X11R7/lib and /usr/pkg/lib to see which versions

It seems that NetBSD 5 had, and NetBSD 6 has in
the base system (/usr/X11R7) and that is in pkgsrc 2014Q3.
That seems surprising to me (that pkgsrc is older than NetBSD 6).

> I saw Akio's solution:
> I don't know the situation why libdrm from pkgsrc is required for you,
> But you should put libdrm to PREFER_PKGSRC, or set PREFER_PKGSRC.libdrm=yes
> and rebuild x11-links.

Settings like that belong in /etc/mk.conf.

I suggest that you at least skim all of:

and then you'll know what to read in detail for various issues.

> Then I issued bmake clean reinstall inside x11-tools, and tried to do
> the same inside libdrm.  I have still failed to build with the same
> error above. Can someone give me a hint how to build libdrm (I am
> using NetBSD 64bit),
> Obversely I am not the only one with this issue:

Also, keep in mind that just putting the setting in mk.conf won't
recompile the packages that were built the other way.  So (once this is
figured out) you'll have to rebuild all the packages that depend on drm,
in topological sort order, to get them all to have consistent

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