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Re: (Ready to import) Re: wip/gnuradio-core ( to be rename as just gnuradio ?)

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

> Thanks Greg, again,
> mef> (The reason of taking time
> mef> is that modularized one always to build gnuradio-core portion,
> mef> which may be major time of build. It does not use gnuradio-core
> mef> binary packge already built. And then removes gnuradio-core part
> mef> before packaging to binary).
>> So that really feels like a bug.   It may need to be addressed
>> upstream.   With the modularized package, they should link against the
>> installed library and not rebuild it.  But I realize that may be hard to
>> fix.
> This choice is kind of by myself, not upstream design.
> Upstream provides the way to select any combination of modules
> at compile time. But not binary installation (I believe).

I would think adding patches to make the install separable would be

>>   PKGSRC_COMPILER=	ccache gcc
>>   CCACHE_DIR=		/home/foo/.ccache
> I've tried this with
> PKGSRC_COMPILER=        /usr/pkg_bulk/bin/ccache gcc

That looks wrong. PKGSRC_COMPILER does not take paths; it takes a list
of tokens that then get used for wrappers.  Just put ccache in there,
and use ccache -z to clear stats and then ccache -s to see what
happened.  and ccache -M20G to make the cache big enough to not thrash,
assuming you have the space.  (I have a cache with 31G used out of 40G
total at the moment, but have also hooked it into some src/xsrc builds.)

> CCACHE_DIR=             /home/makoto/.ccache
>  (to avoid cirucular dependency)

In theory, the packages needed to build ccache are marked not to use it,
so it should all be ok.  In practice, occasionally it's trouble and I
just turn off using CCACHE to rebuild something, and make a mental note
to track it down and fix it and then forget :-)

> But it was too easy (lazy) to think. No any improvements.
> Do you mean to employ more machines at parallel ?

No, I really meant using it on one machine.  It will only help the
second time, of course.  Whether ccache should be local or on a
distributed fs in a pbulk cluster is an issue for further study.....

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