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Re: (Ready to import) Re: wip/gnuradio-core ( to be rename as just gnuradio ?)

Thanks Greg, again,

mef> (The reason of taking time
mef> is that modularized one always to build gnuradio-core portion,
mef> which may be major time of build. It does not use gnuradio-core
mef> binary packge already built. And then removes gnuradio-core part
mef> before packaging to binary).

> So that really feels like a bug.   It may need to be addressed
> upstream.   With the modularized package, they should link against the
> installed library and not rebuild it.  But I realize that may be hard to
> fix.

This choice is kind of by myself, not upstream design.
Upstream provides the way to select any combination of modules
at compile time. But not binary installation (I believe).

Above story is my choice to allow any combinations at binary

>   PKGSRC_COMPILER=	ccache gcc
>   CCACHE_DIR=		/home/foo/.ccache

I've tried this with
PKGSRC_COMPILER=        /usr/pkg_bulk/bin/ccache gcc
CCACHE_DIR=             /home/makoto/.ccache
 (to avoid cirucular dependency)

But it was too easy (lazy) to think. No any improvements.
Do you mean to employ more machines at parallel ?

Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara, 

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