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Re: (Ready to import) Re: wip/gnuradio-core ( to be rename as just gnuradio ?)

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

> The reason I'm a little bit inclined to have gnuradio-default
> also in pkgsrc proper is:
> - The build overhead having gnuradio-default is not so big
> compared to whole gnuradio-* build time. 
> - The build time of meta-pkgs/gnuradio (total) and
> ham/gnuradio-default will be huge differece.  Meta-pkg will
> take some 10x of -default. So -default will benefit the user
> who builds from pkgsrc.
> - I'm not insisting to import pkgsrc proper, but at least
>   leaving it in wip may be beneficial, I think.

I have no objection to you leaving it in wip.  I was really objecting to
it being in pkgsrc proper.

> (The reason of taking time
> is that modularized one always to build gnuradio-core portion,
> which may be major time of build. It does not use gnuradio-core
> binary packge already built. And then removes gnuradio-core part
> before packaging to binary).

So that really feels like a bug.   It may need to be addressed
upstream.   With the modularized package, they should link against the
installed library and not rebuild it.  But I realize that may be hard to

> I've measured the time to build each module.
> (NetBSD/amd64, 6.1_STABLE, with
>   Core i7 4770 3.40GHz (8 thread) on ASrock z87 M/B
>   WRKOBJDIR on tmpfs, 8GB memory, MAKE_JOBS= 16)

I would suggest using ccache and seeing how this changes:

  PKGSRC_COMPILER=	ccache gcc
  CCACHE_DIR=		/home/foo/.ccache

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