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Re: DBUS home fouled up

Richard PALO <> writes:

> I haven't come across it, but perhaps it is possible that the
> 'root' executed $(name)_prestart method in the rc.d script has a
> counterpart or equivalent means in SMF (or that one can be made), I'm
> by no means an expert on the matter.
> As there are still many packages needing smf manifests/method files,
> this matter should probably be dealt with sooner as opposed to later
> to arrive a some consensus.

My current view is that I'm opposed to changing paths until we have
had a full discussion.  In particular, I am opposed to adjusting paths
for everyone because of an issue on one platform, where that issue seems
like a platform deficiency (which should be fixed instead).

But certainly information and opinions from others would be useful.

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