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wip/gnuradio* are now reaching to be good shape, I hope.
I'm testing NetBSD/amd64 6.1_STABLE or 6.1.4 only.
    gnuradio              meta package
    gnuradio-core         common part
    gnuradio-*            various modules
    gnuradio-default      reference package to check above set
    (gnuradio-companion)  the command to start

To test the package,
  cd wip/gnuradio; make package-install
    (And on your X11 Window terminal)
    (and edit the diagram by selecting parts in right side menu)

It may be nice to support various input devices,
  make package-install
     also at:
  wip/gr-osmosdr-git (various devices, but not fully added yet)
  wip/rtl-sdr        (RTL2832 etc device)
  (gr-osmosdr-git has another story, it is marked as BROKEN now,
   I will write this in separate mail.)
The current problems are:
- For gnuradio-companion to find input devices, root-priviledge
  is required. I'm testing by login root at xdm window.

  I hope I was wrong, and there should be better way for this problem.

- make package takes time.  wip/gnuradio + wip/gnuradio-default takes
  5 or more hours by Core i7 machine.

  There is -Gninja option to cmake, and
     cd gnuradio-core;
     env PKG_OPTIONS.gnuradio=ninja-build make package
  will enable this, but it stops for wrong line of generated

  By the way, gnuradio-default is only for testing, usually not for
  users choise. I'm not planning to import to pkgsrc proper this -default.

- As I wrote before, modularity is kept by deleting duplicate installed files.
  Please comment for this also.

Thanks a lot,
Makoto Fujiwara, 
Chiba, Japan, Narita Airport and Disneyland prefecture.

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