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DBUS home fouled up

Came to notice that there were some inconsistencies in dbus concerning
the 'home' directory which was partially in ${VARBASE}/db/dbus but also
in places ${VARBASE}/run/dbus.  Actually after reboot on SunOS it blew!

So, first I set up the following:
allowing, if wished, to override with old ${VARBASE}/run/dbus behaviour

I specifically avoid using ${VARBASE}/run which is a volatile directory
(which happens to be tmpfs on SunOS). Too, it is tedious to use
non-privileged daemons since ${VARBASE}/run is strictly reserved for root.

Therefore the PIDFILE and SYSTEM_BUS_SOCKET are specifically set in the
DBUS_HOME directory, and the rc/smf files updated accordingly.
(I left the MKDIR/CHMOD bits in the rc just in case ${VARBASE}/run was
specified overriding DBUS_HOME)

here is the proposed patch for any coments prior to committing:


btw a number of other daemons have similar if not identical problems...
if these worked "correctly", it's more of an accident than anything else.

I'm continuing working on hal now... Open the pod bay doors ;-)

ps my goal is *not* to open up a $VARBASE = /var discussion...

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