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Re: fftw option in speex and pulseaudio

On Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 09:19:16AM +0200, Richard Palo wrote:
> I had issues building pulseaudio with 'fftw' in my PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
> initially for speex...   Namely undefined fftw symbols linking with
> speex.  BTW, speex performance improves considerably with both simd and
> fftw options enabled.
> This patch
> (
> resolves the symbols by linking the shared library with FFT_LIBS, but
> this only gets over the missing symbol part of the problem.
> Libtool marks -lfftw3 in, but autodetection naturally
> doesn't work without including the missing buildlink3 files. So in this
> patch
> (
> I add the 'fftw' option to pulseaudio which adds the missing
> dependencies as well as a bin and a couplet of
> libraries to PLIST.
> It'd be nice to get some feedback from NetBSD (and any other platform)
> users prior to committing this.  Again, 'fftw' needs to be added to
> PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS so that both speex and pulseaudio pick it up.

I haven't tried them, but the patches look ok to me.

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