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Re: glib2 no longer works on NetBSD 5

On Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 04:26:33PM +0000, John Klos wrote:
> Latest pkgsrc, netbsd-5 on multiple platforms:
> ...
>   CC       libglib_2_0_la-glib-unix.lo
>   CC       libglib_2_0_la-gthread-posix.lo
> gthread-posix.c:648:2: error: #error Cannot support GCond on your platform.
> gthread-posix.c:896:2: error: #error Cannot support GCond on your platform.
> gthread-posix.c: In function 'g_cond_wait_until':
> gthread-posix.c:859: warning: unused variable 'ts'
> Makefile:2246: recipe for target 'libglib_2_0_la-gthread-posix.lo' failed
> gmake[4]: *** [libglib_2_0_la-gthread-posix.lo] Error 1
> gmake[4]: Leaving directory '/usr/pkgsrc/devel/glib2/work/glib-2.40.0/glib'
> Makefile:2450: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed
> ...

and the cause seems to be:

  With this patch, we now require that one of pthread_condattr_setclock()

which doesn't exist on NetBSD 5.


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